27 March 2007

Palmer Science on The CNN

Hi All,
Haven't had too much time to write for the past few days, as we've got the Laurence M. Gould coming to Palmer tomorrow to drop off a fresh batch of winter-over folks, and the turnover with my summer counterpart, Phil Spindler, has ramped up. Lots to do before the ship comes in. The station population will be going down to 26 for the next couple of weeks, until the Gould arrives again around 14 April. Here's a link to a science group here on station who are investigating possible cures for several types of cancer, especially melanomas:


The group (B-022-P), consisting of Charles Amsler, Jim McClintock, and Bill Baker, work in the office here across from mine when they're not out diving to collect aquatic specimens for basic research. Funded by the National Science Foundation's division of Polar Programs, this group may one day win a Nobel Prize for their basic research in ecophysiology and chemistry. At least they have my vote. I used to supervise a pathology laboratory, and Melanoma and other types of skin cancer are definitely on the rise globally. In the meantime, try to stay out of the sun by wearing a layer and a good hat, or if nothing else, a good sunscreen.

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