19 March 2007


Hi All,
Today we had a cruise ship, the ALEKSEY MARYSHEV, stop by with a film crew from the Discovery Channel who are making a show called Generation Earth, to be shown this fall. We were all invited to a BBQ on the vessel this evening, but the weather turned so bad that it wasn't safe to drive the Zodiacs out there. Winds are gusting up to 60 mph as I write this. Oh well. Our cooks here on station (Wendy and Diane) are better anyway.

Also today, our winterover Fire Brigade here on station began taking over duties from the summer crew. We toured the station and checked out all of the fire alarms, pull switches, smoke alarms and such. Some of us also received our bunker gear. I've been selected to be a first responder, which basically means I have to respond to the alarm panel, determine where the fire or false alarm is located, and respond accordingly, either fighting the fire (if possible) or reporting a false alarm.

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Alli said...

Generation Earth is going to be an amazing show- i saw a preview for it the other day. Seems a bit cold where you are, i know this post is pretty random im just browsing haha. have a good day!!