29 February 2008

Gigantor: Struggle at the South Pole!

Gigantor was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid way back in the 1960s. Posted below in four parts is Episode 1: Struggle at the South Pole!


I wanted to just embed this episode here on the website, but the owners don't permit embedding.

Anyway, somehow it appears inevitable that I spent a good chunk of time working in Antarctica, even though my first time going there was random at best. In 1992, when I was working in Oakland/Alameda at the Naval Supply Center/Naval Air Station Alameda for Laidlaw Corp. as a field chemist, one morning at 0730 my manager walked into my office and asked me, "So, Dave, you want to go to Antarctica?" Looking up from my desk stacked with paperwork (after not enough coffee) I hazily replied, "Of course, I'd love to work in Alaska. What's going on up there?"

"No, Dave, South Pole. We're bidding on a contract there..."

More later,

PS: Of course, I accepted the offer and began my career in the USAP.

18 February 2008

Hey! It's Mark Furnish on CBS!


You never know what's gonna be in the news these days.

Mark Furnish is an old friend (and yes, my manager) from way back in the heyday of Hazardous Waste Management: ANTARCTICA. In the video below Mark explains the nuances involved with processing, recycling, and transporting all of the waste from Antarctica (specifically, McMurdo Station/South Pole) back to the CONUS. The bottom line here is that we should all do our best to recycle and reuse all that we can.