21 February 2007

Nota bene!

Hi All,

I'm here in Golden, CO, learnin' how to post blogs in Latin.

And learning how to put out FIRES.

Res Ipso Locquitor,

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holly said...

Hi David,
You bought a book on Antarctica from me in San Carlos CA last week. Just wanted to tell you my late husband, Detlef A. Warnke was very involved in Antarctica research and I have another book you might be interested in. I will give you the details tomorrow.

My husband was at Florida State University from 1963-1971 or 72(can't remember exactly) in the Oceanographic Institute and the came to California in 72 to Cal State East Bay Hayward. He made many trips to the Antarctica and even had a mountain named after him (Mt. Warnke in Antarctica)which he never told us about. We are not sure he even knew about that, but it did come as a surprise to us.

We miss him very much.

I would be very interested in hearing about you research in Antarctica,

Holly Warnke