10 October 2007

Welcome Back to the World

Hi All,
It's been a whirlwind the past few weeks, and I'm once again astonished and in awe at the places and experiences that living life can present. Just a few weeks ago I was living life at Palm
er, and now I'm back in California, happily swimming and reacquainting myself with life in the good 'ol USA. The pictures here are a testament to how much things change:
This is me (above) at the satellite dome
at Palmer Station. The picture was captured by the PRIMO webcam, courtesy of Phil Spindler, on 21 Sept. 2007. Now, here I am at Half Moon Bay (4 October 2007) wondering, "how cold is this water?

HAH! The water is about 52F, but as you can see I'm testing the waters before I jump in. I recommend jumping in.

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