05 September 2007

All of the Time

I had meant to post alot more than just a title to this post, but it's been a very busy few days, and I'll just start another post. However, thanks to Station Leader Eric Pohlman for this beautiful picture of the last full moon over the station taken from the roof of the GWR building.


Anonymous said...

Seen anyone from nbp yet? How's everyone doing?

Danger Dave said...

They came on station 6 September, and are still sitting in Arthur Harbor today, the 8th. The SIMBA cruise has been cancelled. They're going back to PA because the fire damage (especially the accumulated soot) is too much of a health risk, and needs to be mitigated before they can sail again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that update. I've been trying to contact my finacée, katie leonard, but had some trouble getting through on the satphone on the boat. I'll wait until I hear for sure before throwing my PA plans up in the air, though. Thanks! Andy