13 July 2007

Fire Drill and Octopus Rescue Team

Today we had our monthly fire drill. Each month our station doctor, Shawn, comes up with a different scenario for the drill, and usually takes us by surprise. I'm a first responder, so I basically run to the alarm panel when the alarm sounds, see where the fire is located, grab an extinguisher, and run to the fire. I report to the Fire Marshall, Rob, once I get to the fire, and let him know the status. If I can safely put out the fire, I do so, but if not, I call back to Rob and let him know that the SCBA Team needs to be called in, and then I assist with whatever else needs to be done, like getting the portable fire extinguishers ready, assisting with the fire hoses, etc. At 1300 today the alarm sounded and I rushed to the panel, which indicated that the sauna building was on fire. I ran to the sauna, and Shawn informed me that the building was engulfed in flames. I radioed Rob to let him know that I was backing off, and that the SCBA team was needed. The SCBA Team arrived (Karen and Red are pictured above), and Rob and Shawn decided that since our hot tub was in need of draining and cleaning, we would use a portable pump to drain it through our fire hose. The drill went well, although if the sauna had been on fire it would have been completely destroyed, and our only real mission would have been to protect the other nearby buildings.

After the drill, Shawn and I cleaned out the jacuzzi, and when we went back into the aquarium later to put all of the cleaning stuff away, Phil, our electrician, mentioned to me that one of the four octopi was missing from one of the tourist tanks. After looking around for it, I came to the conclusion that it must've crawled out and went down the floor drain (octopi are very smart, and have been known to climb from tank to tank looking for food). Then I noticed that one of the anemones in the tank looked much fatter than it did in the early morning. The Trauma Team (myself and Shawn) went to work, and retrieved the largest octopus from the Belly of the Anemon
e using a pair of forceps and a bit of traction. The little fella had a very unlucky Friday the 13th, and I don't know if it will survive, but it's respirating and doesn't look much different than normal.

Oh. Did I mention that I shaved my head yesterday?


Julie Gurl said...

Woohoo! Lookin' mighty fine with the new look!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, Lex Luthor called. He wants his haircut back.

Danger Dave said...


Lex Luthor is a fictional character. I got this haircut from Gene Hackman.