28 May 2007

Vernadsky Station

Hi All,
I'm just back from playing Group Leader on a two day trip to Vernadsky Station, located south of Palmer. Over the past five years or so, a group of Palmer residents get to go once a year to Vernadsky aboard the LMG on a goodwill tour. We bring them freshies, liquor, smokes, and various Palmer related souvenirs like Palmer patches, Palmer pint glasses, Palmer medals, etc., and in exchange they give us Vernadsky patches, Vernadsky commemorative coins, Vernadsky vodka, etc. Point is, all of the gift giving in the world can't compare to the gift of seeing new faces, especially here on the Ice. And especially if you're working at a Ukrainian base.

Last year, there were some awkward USAP moments during the visit, or so I've heard. This year, the only awkward moment was telling Base Commander Victor that we had to leave, after only 1.5 hours on station. Long story, but the short story is Palmer Station residents will most likely be doing another goodwill visit next year...

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Jeff M. said...

Heya Dave! Just letting you know that I check in on this from time to time...it's pretty awesome that you're doing this. We're loving Tehachapi and can't wait to have you over, so come home safely!