19 April 2007

Earth Day at Palmer Station

Hi All,
We celebrated Earth Day yesterday a few days early, because April 22nd will be a busy day here for arriving boats and such. Normally a group of us would go out to old Palmer Station and pick up trash and debris on Earth Day, but it's currently covered with a lot of snow, so instead our science divers decided to dive in front of our pier and collect debris. We had to postpone the dive for awhile as a leopard seal was hanging out in front of the station for a few hours. You'd be surprised how often things can fall overboard or were simply dumped in the water back in the old days. We found a large collection of old Coke bottles, lots of metal debris, clothing, a rather expensive looking camera, and other things. All told we brought up 250 lbs. of trash, and there's still a lot left down there.


Julie Gurl said...

Ummmm...Did you have an archaeologist on hand during your federally funded exploration for historical-period artifacts? Those bottles look like they're older than 50 years, eh? ;)

Danger Dave said...

Do you know any archaeologists interested in coming to Antarctica? To dive? =)